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Creo: OOAK Art Doll and Paper Mache Sculpture by RaraAvisInTerra
Creo: OOAK Art Doll and Paper Mache Sculpture
Look at this cute lil' toad 

(you can see the flaws on the sewing of his neck)

Go over at this deviation for the details PLEEEAAAASE I have spent nearly 2 hours writing them (that's what happens when you wait 9 months before submitting your deviation, you tend to forget things)
Creo: OOAK Art Doll and Paper Mache Sculpture by RaraAvisInTerra
Creo: OOAK Art Doll and Paper Mache Sculpture
Very late follow up to this post. As you can seen, he ended up really different from the drawings! Of course I'm not 100% happy with that, but hey I still love him. I may try to make him again some time!

This was my final art project for school last year, we had an exhibition at the end and there was wine and food and we read the texts we wrote that year in front of 60+ people! Mine was feminist/social issues spoken word, I might translate it and post it here. So this babe is my first ever art doll!!!! I decided I'd do this for my final project, and no one else did anything similar (yes, I am self-indulging), it was all paintings, some sculptures, (and this girl who does cosplay made a nymph dress! That was pretty neat, go check 
her out)

Other pics 
here and here

Here is the reasoning behind its existence (since it was a poetic composition which took some time to create, I will not translate it right now because it's 4:32 am and I am fcuking tired): 

Creō, 2014

"Au commencement est le germe : celui d’une

idée, s’enracinant dans la matrice féconde de

l’esprit, qui, d’abstraction, croît lentement,

obstinément en une réalité remuante, blottie au

sein de son porteur, dans une gestation

effervescente au terme de laquelle naîtra l’œuvre,

à la fois soi et autre.

Creō /kʁeo/ (latin) v.t. 1. Créer, engendrer, mettre

au monde, produire; le parallèle entre la mère qui

invente et l’artiste qui enfante."


He took two weeks to complete, including 3 sleepless days before the actual exhibition lololol
I tried to mostly use dollar store materials, but it still ended up costing around 300$ to make him! (with the actual sculpting materials and whatnot)

(lightly) Posable Art Doll:

Dollarama (dollar store in Canada): Gardening wire (covered in a supple green coat), modelling wire (skeleton), aluminum foil (bulking up), paintbrushes, aquarium flat glass marbles for the eyes (I'm sure this isn't the common name, I'm forgetting), acrylic paint (face, claws), krazy glue for gluing fabric and the face to the skull (DO NOT POUR KRAZY GLUE ON STYROFOAM. IT MELTS AND BECOMES REALLY HOT TO THE FINGERS, FIND SOMETHING ELSE), plastic filling pellets (weight), masking tape (general bulking up/holding shit together)
Walmart: Pillow stuffing (flesh/muscle/fat), soft plush throw for the body (because I didn't find any fabric that suited my needs - I should not to this again. It was costly and now I have wasted a perfectly cozy throw :< ), green styrofoam half-ball faux flower arranger (skull), fabric markers (markings)
Omer de Serres (art supply store) : Fimo clay (head, claws), sculpting tools
Tissu Berthiaume (fabric, decor, knitting, embroidery store): Some silky piece of gray fabric (belly)

Egg Papier Maché sculpture:

Recycled: Newspapers (shell), 
plastic bags (albumen)
Kitchen: Flour, Water
Dollarama: Colourful tacks, acrylic paint (shell)
Me: Drawings and concepts and writing with coloring and graphite pencils torn and tacked to the egg

I'm suuuuuuuure I'm forgetting some materials, it's been a couple months already! I'll come back to this and edit if I think of other supplies.


I used all of these tutorials to guide me towards this result, but there are lots of things I did different because obviously I kinda meshed elements of all of these tuts to make my own walkthrough and sometimes I couldn't afford/find some of the materials/didn't understand some steps (OOPS):

Magweno's tutorials:

Armature to Art Doll Part 1

Armature to Art Doll Part 2

Eviecats' tutorial:

Posable Doll Tutorial

Mangakasan's tutorials:

Sculpting Tut Part 1: Armature Base

Sculpting Tut Part 1 of 2

Sculpting Tut Part 2 of 2

Budget Tools Tut

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Wow, it was time I got rid of that 2011 entry. Gosh, I went back to my old ones, and the 2010 me is SO embarrassing. I can't believe so much time has passed. 

I feel kinda depressed about my art. First, because I've never been commissioned. I've also recently entered college (not even in art - yet) and have a lot of struggles practicing regularly. The massive assignments and the stress that comes with it are already eating up most of my time, creativity, and motivation, along with procrastination. And the last time I tried painting digitally, I was strongly disappointed. I guess the fact that I'm generally alone in this big city away from my loved ones doesn't help.

I'm aware the only way I can get out of this is by practicing non-stop, referencing a lot, and working on my weaknesses. But I'd be sooooooo extatic if someone were to commission me, like that would be so motivating and beneficial to my art!

Does any of you who read me and actually are commissionned have advice about how to get started? Like princing, advertising, networking, I don't know?

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Laurence Daneault-Flageol
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French Québécois college student. Aspiring artist soon starting a certificate in visual arts, possibly to be integrated in a multidisciplinary bachelor with certificates in animation and digital audio, we'll see! c:

Currently taking commissions!

I love medieval high fantasy and cute things.

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Hey, you're much welcome! Just wanted to tell you how I LOVE your tutorials and gallery and your many experiments  and your insightful advices, and you're SUCH and inspiration! So thank YOU :D

And yes, I finally got him, he's second-hand so he already had a name (Yugi) and a few unfortunate issues to boot (he was three years old and had two owners before me, and while I don't know what happened when he was with them, what I got is a parrot with biting/screaming habits, minimal socialisation and a (curious) preference for men and dislike for women, which, in our case, was a real problem). But since then he has much improved and is coming back the right way :D Thanks a lot for asking! :aww: 
Do you have any birds, or pets? :D
rice-chex Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh poor baby! It's hard to work with second hand birds, they come with a lot of baggage! considering how long you've had him sounds like you're doing good! I don't personally own any birds, but I'm the primary bird keeper at our local zoo. Most of the parrots are ancient and were once peoples pets. There is a wide range behavioral problems. But we did just 5 green cheeks and a jenday, all just silly little babies that I can't help but adore. The jenday in particular I just love to pieces.  
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